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Get back to the basics...

Building a business is pretty simple... but that doesn't mean it's easy! While most people get distracted by the shiny objects, successful entrepreneurs spend their time doing the basic things really freaking well.

Stop Searching For Secrets And...


If you're like a lot of entrepreneurs I know... listening to the gurus is really screwing with your head and probably screwing up you business. They've filled your head with the nonsense that there is some "secret" strategy or "ninja" tactic that's going to save your business.


You've probably chased some of those secrets (I did for a while)... and because each guru is peddling something different, you feel like there are 857 strategies and tactics that you absolutely, positively have to put to work. 


Well, good news friend... I'm here to tell you that's all a bunch of bullshit


There aren't any secrets or magic pills that will make your business strive. And if you're struggling, the last thing you need to do is try some ninja crap. 


Successful entrepreneurs aren't successful because they've got secrets up their sleeves... they're successful because they do the basic stuff really well.  


I built my thriving multiple-six-figure business by ignoring the gurus, shunning the whole concept that there are secrets, and focusing on doing the basic things right.


I'd love to teach you to do the same thing... but just so you know, I don't have any secret strategies and I can't give you a thriving business in a month. 



There are a few things that EVERY online business needs to get right, including list-building and content strategy.


These are the basics that everyone needs, so I've created bootcamps to help online entrepreneurs get started with these parts of their business.


You can get your hands on both absolutely FREE so you can start building the business of your dreams. 



For entrepreneurs who are ready to go deeper... I run monthly workshops the first Friday of the month. These are no-fluff, in-depth training sessions about specific online marketing skills.


The monthly topics rotate between skills related to finding, attracting, nurturing, and serving your true fans (and customers)... and if you sign up in time for the live they cost $1.



When you focus on your FANS... people will be begging to buy your products.

My FANS First Society is a membership that helps online entrepreneurs build raving fan bases so they can stop launching to crickets and start building thriving online businesses. 


Members get access to core training about my FANS Framework, support and accountability in a private FB Group, access to all of the 101 Workshops, training from guest experts, and lots more. 

Doors open three times a year... and if you're on my list, I'll make sure you know about it! 

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