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Category: Content Marketing

  • Your Guide To Creating A Content Plan To Grow Your Online Business

    04 Oct, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    When people find your business, how are they going to know if you’re the right choice for them? Your content. That’s why your content strategy is a vital part of your overall inbound marketing strategy for your online business. But I want to clarify that…

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  • How To Create A Content Strategy To Grow Your Online Business

    27 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    As an online entrepreneur in the knowledge brand space, your goal is to take people on a journey from strangers who don’t know you to raving fans who are excited to buy your product. Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to do that. …

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  • What Content Marketing Is And Why You Need It In Your Business

    20 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    A successful online marketing strategy involves having effective content marketing. But you might be wondering, what is content marketing and how does it work? In this post, we’ll cover the different types of content and how you can use them to help with the different…

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  • 3 Smart Ways To Use Email Marketing As A Conversion Tool

    13 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Email marketing has primarily been thought of as a tool for converting leads to buyers. There’s a good reason for this—it works. Think about the number of times you’ve made a purchase from a company because they sent an email. It makes sense that email…

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  • How Email Marketing Fits Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    30 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Email is an essential part of your inbound marketing journey and allows you to deliver a message directly to your audience. When done properly, email marketing can help your inbound marketing strategy succeed. The benefit of email is that it lets you connect directly with your…

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  • Create A High-Converting Opt-In Page In 3 Easy Steps

    23 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Your opt-in page is important. It helps people decide whether (or not) what you’re promising them is valuable enough for them to give you their email address.  But, like most things related to marketing, if you ignore best practices when you’re building your landing page,…

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  • Does Your Lead Magnet Suck? What You Need To Know About Creating A Killer Lead Magnet

    16 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    A stellar lead magnet is your not-so-secret weapon to building your email list. It convinces your audience to raise their hand and give you their email addresses.  But many online entrepreneurs have no clue about what makes a good lead magnet. There’s no exact science…

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  • List Building Basics: How To Build An Engaged Email List

    09 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Getting a new subscriber on your email list is a big moment. That’s because their relationship with your brand has changed. This is the time when a prospect becomes a lead.  When people visit your website and follow you on social media, it’s safe to…

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