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EP 259: Back To Business Basics With Katie Wussow

December 10, 2021 Bobby Klinck

Today my guest is Katie Wussow who is a business coach who works with creative service providers to help them build their businesses. Katie and I have a lot in common, including living in DC and graduating from the same college. The big difference is she actually got a useful degree: finance.

In this episode, Katie and I dive into how she figured out what business she wanted to create and the problems she experienced when she followed the popular advice that she should create an online course. Be sure to stick around to the end to hear Katie’s best advice on how to create plans for your business.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Katie’s journey into the business world and how she discovered what business she wanted to start
  • How Katie got scrappy and leverage her network to start her business
  • How doing 1:1 work in the beginning helped her create a structured program
  • Why Katie uses the term coach instead of consultant/strategist
  • How Katie figured out a way to make her business more scalable
  • How Katie is thinking through the issue of repeat customers
  • What went wrong when Katie launched her course
  • What she did to pull out of the slump she experienced
  • Why Katie moved away from launches
  • Why she discovered that the course model doesn’t work well for people who are trying to build an in-person creative service business
  • Why Katie started doing 1:1 coaching again
  • How she figured out the differences between her group coaching program and 1:1 program
  • Why audience building is still one of Katie’s biggest challenges
  • What Katie means by business planning
    • Visionary plan: creating a long term plan
    • Strategic piece: understanding your market, client, offers, and marketing plan
    • Tactical piece: how to plan, set goals, and implement
  • Katie’s best advice about planning, figuring out what you need to work on, keeping up with all your ideas
  • One question to help you figure out what to do to move your business forward
  • The biggest thing Katie learned about marketing