Handle All The Legal Stuff For Your Online Business Quickly, Easily, And Affordably


...with DIY legal templates created by a Harvard Law grad who's also an online entrepreneur like you!


If You Want To Grow Your Online Business, You Can't Afford To Ignore The Legal Aspects


It's never been so easy to start selling online...


So, of course, you jumped in head first. Well done, you go-getter, you!

  • Slapped together a website. *I'll add a privacy policy later...

  • Hired someone on Fiverr. *Sharing passwords via email is fine, right?

  • Landed your first client! *She's sweet, so no need to get it in writing!

And now here you are. Maybe just a year later. Maybe MANY years later, still basically winging it, with no real legal policies in place. No lawyer-approved contracts, no official refund policy for your online courses, no confidentiality agreement with the people you work with.


No nada. Nothing.


That's a serious problem.


If you DON’T have the legal side in place, you’re building a business on quicksand.


You’re building a business that could be swept out from under your feet at any moment.


And you’ve worked WAY too hard to let that happen.


You Need To Protect Your Online Business


...and that means getting the right legal policies and written contracts in place!


Think Contracts & Legal Policies
Are Only For Big-Name Entrepreneurs?




The internet is like the wild, wild west of business. It’s more important than ever that you protect yourself—and set yourself up so that you can BECOME one of those big-name entrepreneurs.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking your first client or your fiftieth, launching your first course or evergreening a program you’ve been selling for 12 years...you can’t afford NOT to get the legal side of your business set up properly.


The right legal policies and agreements mean:

  • You can confidently refuse refund requests when you have to.


    Nobody likes refunds. But they're much easier to navigate when you have a clear policy in place — one that your customers agree to before they hit the "buy" button!

  • There'll be no more "he said, she said" with your contractors and employees.


    When YOU send the contract, YOU set the terms. So instead of waiting for someone else to send over a contract (which you almost never read, admit it) you proactively set the terms yourself.

  • You avoid serious legal hassles down the road.


    It’s not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “when.” So instead of waiting until you get a threatening letter in the mail, you can arm yourself with the right written agreements and policies so the dreaded letter never comes.

Whether you're a solopreneur who's just getting started or you're making six figures, legal policies and written contracts are your best friends.


Here's Where So Many Online Entrepreneurs

(plus how to make sure you're protected)


Not Getting The Right Website Policies


You are legally required to have some "legalese" on your site, and good website policies protect you from disputes with visitors. Going without could mean a fine (or worse), so you need to get the right policies for your business. 


Not Using An Online Course Agreement


If you're selling an online course or program without a written agreement, you're asking for difficult refund decisions... non-payments... and disputes. You need a solid "terms and conditions" for students to agree to when they buy.


Serving Clients Directly Without A Solid Agreement


Want a sure way to end up doing more work than you anticipated or to get stiffed by a client? Start work without getting your client to sign a written agreement. 


Going Without Written Agreements To Save Money


If you think the cost of getting the right written agreements in place is expensive... just wait til you end up in a costly dispute because you went without!


Here's what your friendly neighborhood lawyer doesn't want you to know.


He doesn’t know much about online business, let alone digital products. (We don’t get special training on this in law school—not even at Harvard). 


Online business, online coaching, and digital course creation are different... So, you need a lawyer who actually knows your business. 


Your typical business lawyer is not an online entrepreneur like me. Because I’m in the trenches WITH you, creating and selling my own digital products, I know where the pitfalls are, and I have solutions that are tailor-built for your business.


You need a source to get legal policies and written agreements that are tailored to your business as an online entrepreneur.


from Bobby Klinck, Lawyer & Online Entrepreneur


The A-Z legal template library to help online entrepreneurs protect their businesses.


I've taken what I've learned from graduating from Harvard Law School with honors, practicing law for 16 years, and running my own online business and packaged it up in the legal templates that online entrepreneurs need to get their "legal stuff" squared away quickly, easily, and affordably.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Here's what Amy Porterfield has to say about The Template Library

The ONLINE GENIUS Template Library

makes the legal side of your business stress-free


Instead of hiring a really expensive lawyer to create your policies and contracts, you can get your hands on EVERY agreement you are likely to need for a single payment.


Launching an online course?


Jump into the members' area to get all the legal policies and agreements you need, including your online course agreement, testimonial releases, and an affiliate agreement. With these forms, you'll know your content is protected and you aren't going to end up in a nasty dispute with a student down the line!

Starting a coaching business?


Jump into the members' area to grab your coaching agreement and customize it with the help of the easy-to-follow video instructions. With your lawyer-approved coaching agreement in place, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that your clients won't stiff you (or stand you up). 

Ready to grow your team?


Easy peasy... just grab the independent contractor agreement to use with your first, outside hires. With that agreement in place, you'll know that your workers have to protect your valuable know-how and that you actually own all the content they create for your business.

Setting up your website?


Snag the terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimer templates from the membership area and customize them with the instructions. With these policies in place, you won't have to worry about the "legal stuff" so you'll be able to focus on what's really important — building your amazeballs business.

You'll get the templates you need to set your business up to scale. No more creating your own contracts from scratch... No more searching the interwebs and downloading free templates just HOPING they are right for your business...


No more winging it!


The End Result: no surprise lawsuits and supreme peace of mind ​knowing your digital ass(ets) are covered.

Hey, I’m Bobby… Harvard law grad turned online entrepreneur. 


But I’m not your typical lawyer. I speak English (not legalese), use poop emojis, and make lame pop-culture references... all in hopes that you’ll forget I’m a lawyer for a bit and stick around.


I've built a multiple-six-figure business by focusing on the basics and ignoring the "secret" bullshit the gurus are peddling. 


My Mission is to help YOU & other online entrepreneurs create businesses they love.

The ONLINE GENIUS Template Library

is the ONLY product on the market that...


  • Is made specifically for online entrepreneurs


    Most legal templates generic — not designed for online course creators and entrepreneurs...because lawyers aren’t trained for that in school. The Online Genius Template Library is hyper-targeted for YOUR business. 

  • Was created by a lawyer turned online entrepreneur


    As a digital entrepreneur myself, I know where the potential traps and loopholes are — ones that your average business lawyer wouldn’t think of — and help you to close them.

  • Includes every legal template you need


    You’ll get the templates you need to get everything set up in minutes instead of weeks (and for a lot less money!). Unlike other programs, this isn't a "starter" pack... I'm including ALL of my legal templates for you.

  • Is affordable and comprehensive at every stage of your business


    Whether you’re just starting out in business, or you’ve already made your first $100K, the Online Genius Template library is within your budget and meets your needs.

Templates, Templates,

And MORE Templates

The Online Genius Template Library is your comprehensive source for the legal templates you need as an online entrepreneur. Here's what's included right now:

Legal Template #1

Website Terms of Use

If you have a website… you need a Terms of Use. It’s just that simple. This policy protects your online content, sets the basic rules of the road, and protects you along the way. The Terms of Use Template include all the legalese and sections you customize based on your business.

Legal Template #2

Website Privacy Policy

If you collect information from people online (and you obviously do!), you have to have a Privacy Policy. This isn’t optional; it’s legally required! The Privacy Policy Template includes all the legalese, so you just have to fill in some basics about your business to get your website all legal.

Legal Template #3

Website Disclaimer

You should LOVE your disclaimer because it’s all about protecting you from disputes. You’ll make clear that visitors can’t complain if the guidance on your site doesn’t work for them… and you’ll disclose those pesky things we all have to unless we want the Federal Trade Commission knocking on the door.

Legal Template #4

Client Agreement

If you work directly with clients, those  relationships are the lifeblood of your business. You absolutely need to protect them… and to protect yourself! That’s where the Client Agreement comes into play. With it, you’ll have confidence that you and your client are in agreement and aren’t heading for a nasty fight.

Legal Template #5

Coaching Agreement

If you’re a coach, your relationships with your coaching clients are pretty stinking important. The Coaching Agreement helps you set expectations and boundaries and  gets you paid. With the paperwork out of the way, you can focus on a smooth working relationship with clients.

Legal Template #6

Copywriting Agreement

If you’re a copywriter who works one-on-one with clients, you need a client agreement that is tailored to your specific business. One that's built to cover you for day rates, project rates, retainers, or hourly rates. The Copywriting Agreement has you covered.

Legal Template #7

Membership Agreement

If you’ve got a membership site, you know how sweet it is to get that recurring revenue. But you need to make sure you are protected and have all your legal ducks in a row (including a solid cancellation policy). That's where the Membership Agreement template comes in! 

Legal Template #8

Course Agreement

If you’ve got an online course, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating it. And it’s pretty important to your business. You need to protect it and make sure you’ve got your legal ducks in a row. The Course Agreement gives you peace of mind that you’ve got it covered!

Legal Template #9

Confidentiality Agreement

Investigating a potential joint venture? Talking about a broad partnership with another entrepreneur? If so, you'll both be sharing confidential information and will need a joint confidentiality agreement. No sweat. You'll have the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement for these situations.

Legal Template #10

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you share any confidential information – things like your leads list, your way of doing things, or any other knowledge you’ve built up – without a confidentiality agreement in place, you could lose it. The Non-Disclosure Agreement protects your secret sauce when you need to share it with others.

Legal Template #11

Virtual Assistant Agreement

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to leverage your time (and get more done). But you need to make sure you have a written agreement that lays out what is expected of each of you, protects your secret sauce, and ensures that you own the work product.

Legal Template #12

Contractor Agreement

Are you thinking of hiring an independent contractor... you know a copywriter, or designer? If so, you need a written agreement that sets out the relationship, protects your secret sauce, and gives you ownership of their work. That's where the Contractor Agreement comes in. 

No... we're not done... even more templates....

Legal Template #13

Employee Offer Letter

Hiring an employee is an important step in your business, so you want to make sure you get off on the right foot. That's where an Employee Offer Letter comes into play. You'll set all the right expectations from the get-go to avoid confusion.

Legal Template #14

Employee Confidentiality

Imagine how much it would suck if one of your employees left your business only to start using YOUR secret sauce to compete with you. Once you start using Employee Confidentiality Agreements, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Legal Template #15

Employee IP Transfer

Your employees create a lot of valuable property for you, including designs, content, and general know how. If you don't get the right agreements in place... you might not own that stuff. With Employee IP Transfer agreements in place, you'll be golden.  

Legal Template #16

Publicity Release

If you want to use someone else's name, image, or likeness to promote your business, you need to get written permission. The Publicity Release form will make it quick and easy for you to get the right permission up front.

Legal Template #17

Testimonial Release

Got testimonials? If so, you need written testimonial releases. Seriously, before you use a testimonial from one of your raving customers, you need to get permission in writing to use the testimonial and the person's name, image, and likeness.

Legal Template #18

Podcast Release

If you are a podcaster who has guests on your show... you REALLY need to get them to sign a publicity release before the interview. I've created a special podcast release form that is tailor made for your guests (and won't be overwhelming).

Legal Template #19

Affiliate Agreement

Getting other people to promote your product can be like reaching the promised land... getting paid without the cost of client acquisition! But you need a written agreement with your affiliates to set expectations and avoid disputes.

Legal Template #20

LLC Operating Agreement

If you are serious about your business, you need to create an LLC. And once you've done that, you're going to need an Operating Agreement, even if you are the only owner or person in your business. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

The Online Genius Template Library saves you time and money so you can get back to building your business...


You won't need to pay a lawyer thousands to create your legal policies and agreements and won't have to waste time playing lawyer yourself. Each template comes with handy video instructions so they're simple to customize and use.


Praise For Bobby's Training And Templates...


With Bobby's program, you get the same legal protection as a corporate lawyer charging you top dollar, but you get it at a fraction of the cost. Bobby's instructions are clear, and the forms are a cinch to modify.

Liz Hanson

Founder, Smart Homeschooler™️

I found the templates super easy to use... With the templates, setting up my Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy went super quick!



Laura Naiser

Founder, Agape SoulSpa

If you have not purchased Bobby's templates, OMG. Save yourself hours of painful research and hair pulling (unless you're into that) and just GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY ALREADY!


Tara Wagner

Breakthrough Coach

Because you probably don't have another Harvard-educated lawyer on speed dial...


The ONLINE GENIUS Membership Community

This private Facebook Group is just for #OnlineGeniuses who have purchased The Online Genius Template Library. It's where you'll be able to get your pressing questions answered quickly and accurately. 


The Membership Group is your chance to get daily access to me. In the Membership Group (unlike my free group), I answer questions daily if needed... and I encourage members to tag me to get a quick response.


You'll also get access to exclusive training opportunities and will be joining a community of online entrepreneurs who are seriously SERIOUS about scaling their businesses, including the not-so-sexy parts.


How Much Is The ONLINE GENIUS Template Library Worth?


Anyway you look at it, the templates you'll get access to are worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.


You might consider how much you would expect to pay if you hired a lawyer to create them for you... 


To hire me or any other lawyer to create all of the forms you need from scratch would easily cost you $10,000 or more. Heck, I've heard of people paying $5,000 just for website policies and a basic LLC agreement.


Or maybe you should consider the cost of doing nothing... 


How much is a single client relationship worth to your business?


How much would it cost you if your employees, contractors, or partners took your confidential information and used it to compete against you because you didn't have the right agreements in place?


How much damage would it do to your business if a copycat took your content because you didn't have the right protection in place?


Even a single legal mistake could easily cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.


Or maybe you should look at what other lawyers charge for template forms...


There are lawyers out there who charge $300 or more per legal template. You could easily be looking at a bill of $5,000 just for the forms that are already in the library.


And by joining you are going to get access to every form I put on sale in the future TOO!


But charging you a ton ain't my style...


As a lawyer... I'm expensive. If you want me to work with you one-on-one, it's gonna cost you a pretty penny.


But the WHOLE reason I started Your Online Genius was because I was tired of seeing online entrepreneur like you have to "go without" because they couldn't afford to hire a lawyer. You need an affordable source for solid legal templates to protect your business. 


That's why my legal templates have always been affordable (even if you buy them one-by-one). The Online Genius Template Library takes things one step further by giving you access to my whole library of templates, so you'll never have to weigh whether getting a specific form is worth the cost again!


The ONLINE GENIUS Template Library



Twelve Monthly Payments Of



20 Legal Templates

Access to All Future Templates

Private Facebook Group

Easy-To-Follow Video Instructions



Pay Upfront and Save 20%



20 Legal Templates

Access to All Future Templates

Private Facebook Group

Easy-To-Follow Video Instructions

You'll Never Buy A Legal Template Again!


The Online Genius Template Library is a true "all-access-pass." You get not only all the legal templates I currently have available for sale but also any I introduce in the future


As I add templates to my Template Shop in the future, they'll automatically get added to the Template Library. That's right, you'll get access to any new forms as soon as they are released. 


You'll pay once and get the templates you need forever! Think about that for a second... for just $997, you'll get all your legal templates now and in the future!


Imagine how soundly you'd sleep at night if...


Your refund policy was rock solid (and published in all the right places) so you can confidently refuse refunds when customers don't qualify


You had a membership agreement in place for everyone who signs up to your online course and the agreement was built into the sales process!)


You got all the "legal stuff" out of the way with your one-on-one clients up front with an agreement that you knew was rock solid


You had a standard agreement to use with contractors (like copywriters or designers) to make sure YOUR interests were protected


You'll be sleeping like a bear in hibernation with the ONLINE GENIUS Template Library...


Or maybe you'll just be spending more time scaling your business!


Hold up, legal shark!

Let's make sure this is right for you...


Look, I'd love to help everyone... but that's not how things work. The "legal stuff" isn't one size fits all. We need to make sure your business is a good fit for The Online Genius Template Library. 




  • You're building an online platform to sell service or information products.

  • You're putting in the elbow-grease to make your business profitable over the long term.

  • Your business is more than just a side-hustle... or you plan for it to be one day...


  • You're a product business (like an Amazon seller) or a brick 'n' mortar business.

  • You think online business is a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • You're not in the United States and aren't willing to run the forms by a lawyer where you are to make sure they're good...

You've Got Questions... I've Got Answers


I’m a life coach / web designer / online course creator. Will the Legal Templates work for me?

I'm already so busy. How much time do I have to invest to get my legal stuff done?

I don’t have an hour a week. Can my intern or assistant do it? 

How long will I have access to the Legal Templates?

Does this mean you’re my lawyer now?

How do I know if I should just hire a lawyer?

Will this work if I don’t live in the United States?

The ONLINE GENIUS Template Library




Twelve Monthly Payments Of



20 Legal Templates

Access to All Future Templates

Private Facebook Group

Easy-To-Follow Video Instructions



Pay Upfront and Save 20%



20 Legal Templates

Access to All Future Templates

Private Facebook Group

Easy-To-Follow Video Instructions

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